James Muller & SCJO • OKAY

Australian virtuoso guitarist meets the Sydney Conservatorium Jazz Orchestra; an astonishing big band made up of some of Australia’s most accomplished young lions. Arrangements by Germany’s Florian Ross and CD superbly recorded (96.000 kHz) in NYC at Systems Two by Mike Marciano.

James Muller & SCJO OKAY

James Muller – guitar
David Theak – conductor

Felix Lalanne – auxiliary guitar
David Allen – piano
Nick Henderson – contrabass
Oliver Nelson – drums
Sam Gill, Nishcal Manjanuth, Evan Harris, Michael Avgenicos, Chris O’Dea – saxes
Ellie Shearer, Matt O’Brien, Raygun Kang, Des Cannings – bones
James Power, Kyle Eardley, Joe Lisk, Tom Avgenicos, Nick calligeros – trumpets

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The Australian by John McBeath
James Muller & Sydney Conservatorium Jazz Orchestra
4.5 stars
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Craig Brenan’s Autonomic Robots


Trombonist-Composer craig brenan isn’t one to stay still musically for long.  His new recording, “autonomic robots” embraces his ongoing search for new ways to express himself through his music, while challenging the defining boundaries of Jazz.  By drawing upon outside influences and incorporating a small wind ensemble into his palette, Brenan has achieved the element of surprise for which reviewers have called him “singularly original”.

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The album features brenan’s latest band, Autonomic Robots.  A.R.’s ensembles unique instrumentation (clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, bass clarinet, trombone and drums) was chosen as a means to fully express the sounds and melodies that have been rumbling around him for the past decade. With generous arranging assistance from famed German Composer Florian Ross, the combination is stunning.

Craig Brenan – trombone
John Ellis  – tenor sax/bass clarinet
Connor Learmonth – bass clarinet/clarinet
Dave Morgan – trumpet/flugelhorn
Adrienne Lorway – clarinet/bass clarinet
Raymond Baril – alto sax/clarinet/bass clarinet
Ted Poor – drums